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10 Post-Workout Snack Ideas

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about nutrition: What should I be eating after my workout? What you eat after your workout is very important! Performing exercise does take a toll on your body, whether you can feel it or not. When you exercise, your working muscles will use glycogen (or stored sugars) for fuel. In addition, your muscle tissue can be broken down or damaged after strenuous exercise. This is why it is important to get good sources of both carbohydrates and proteins in your post-workout snack in order to rebalance your glycogen and repair muscle tissue. These snacks will allow your body to reap the benefits of your workout while stimulating more muscle growth and supporting your energy levels!

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1. Rice Cake with Nut Butter and Banana

Nut butter is an excellent source of protein and contains 3-4g of protein per tablespoon. Protein is beneficial for building lean body mass and keeping you satiated. The carbohydrates from the rice cake and banana are beneficial for replacing glycogen lost during your workout. If you have a nut allergy- no worries! Substitute with sunflower seed butter, tahini, or pumpkin seed butter.

2. Rice Cakes with Hummus & Avocado

This is a great option, especially for those craving something more savory post-workout. Avocados are a great way to get some healthy fats and the carbohydrates from the rice cakes and hummus are great sources of carbohydrates post-workout.

3. Rice Cakes with Avocado & Hard-Boiled Egg

And for yet another rice cake combo - try topping them with avocado and a sliced hard-boiled egg! Eggs are a great source of protein post-workout and will keep you feeling full!

4. Kiwi Green Smoothie

A protein shake may be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to refuel post-workout. Use a plant-based pea protein or whey protein for best absorption!

In addition, you can add the following for optimal nutrients:

  • Frozen banana and frozen spinach for simple carbs, creaminess and to make the smoothie cold.

  • Ground flax seeds (also known as linseeds) for short-chain omega 3's and to help reduce inflammation.

  • Whole grain oats for complex carbs, extra fiber, and protein.

  • Plant-based milk (like almond or cashew), fortified for extra calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

5. Post-Workout Green Smoothie

Try this delicious post-workout smoothie which contains vanilla protein powder, avocado, banana, spinach, and water! It is an excellent and easy way to build muscle and for proper recovery. See the recipe in the recipe book link!

6. Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie

Not only does this smoothie contain healthy carbohydrates and protein, but it also contains turmeric! Curcumin or the active ingredient in turmeric has super anti-inflammatory effects which can help you recover from your workout sooner!

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

A chocolate chip cookie pie post-workout? I say why not! Try this simple and delicious recipe for the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fiber for a sweet post-workout reward! This recipe creates 12 servings so feel free to freeze it or share it with your workout buddy.

8. Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats

Oats are an amazing source of post-workout nutrition because they provide high-quality complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber to refuel you and keep you full. During your workout, your body used up some of its stored carbohydrates so replacing them is a high priority. These overnight oats can be made in advance and stored in mason jars in the fridge for an easy post-workout snack.

9. Sprouted Grain Toast with Peanut Butter & Banana

Sprouted grain toast, topped with natural almond or any nut butter, sliced banana, sprinkled with cinnamon and hemp hearts is an excellent snack to not only replenish carbs and protein. It also provides a good amount of fiber and the cinnamon helps support healthy blood sugar levels!

10. Avocado Toast with Cottage Cheese & Tomato

If you are looking to mix up your post-workout toast toppings, try this Avocado Toast with Cottage Cheese & Tomato for a perfect ratio of nutrients!


Jessica Mantell M.S., C.N.S., L.D.N.

CEO & Founder of NextGeneration Nutrition

NextGeneration Nutrition believes that better health should be accessible to everyone and that we all are able to improve our health through good nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle change. We do not support setting shame-based goals but encourages embracing our bodies, genetics, and personality. Our philosophy is abandoning the “One Size Fits All” mentality to create a personalized wellness plan based on your biological makeup and your lifestyle.

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