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Gut Friendly Swaps You Need To Try

The quality of foods we consume have a big imapct on our gut. Try these healthy gut swaps to start healing your microbiome and promoting the growth of your good bugs.

Substitute bars that contain artificial sugars or sugar alcohols for whole food based bars like Raw Rev Glo and RX bars.

Nut butters that contain palm oil can be inflammatory for your gut. Make sure to look for ones like the 365 Whole Foods brand that has 1-2 ingredients only like almonds and salt.

Sugar free syrups that are completely artificial. Zero calorie syrups can be enticing if you are trying to cut back on calories or added sugars. Choose brands that use monk fruit (a natural sweetener) like Lakanto for a gut-friendly sugar free syrup.

Salad dressings that contain pro-inflammatory oils like canala, safflower, or sunflower oil. Instead, choose dressings that contain olive or avocado oil such as the ones from Primal Kitchen.

Switch popcorn that uses refined oils, choose a brand like Lesser Evil which uses coconut oil and is unrefined.

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Written by: Luciana Perasso, M.S, R.D.N

NextGeneration Nutrition Registered Dietitian


Jessica Mantell M.S., C.N.S., L.D.N.

CEO & Founder of NextGeneration Nutrition

NextGeneration Nutrition believes that better health should be accessible to everyone and that we all are able to improve our health through good nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle change. We do not support setting shame-based goals but encourages embracing our bodies, genetics, and personality. Our philosophy is abandoning the “One Size Fits All” mentality to create a personalized wellness plan based on your biological makeup and your lifestyle.

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