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Holiday Survival Guide

Here are some tips which can help you enjoy the holidays without having to feel guilty, sick, and anxious about food! 

Food and exercise should not be looked at as a reward or punishment, so get rid of the “all or none” mindset. Allow yourself to enjoy the foods you love! When you start to restrict certain foods your mind will start to think of these foods as a reward. 

Create an exit strategy. If you anticipate a stressful situation, have a backup plan. For example, you may excuse yourself to take a nap or walk the dog if you feel a stressor approaching.

Honor your hunger and pay attention to the signals your body is sending. When you start to feel the sensation of hunger such as a growling stomach, give your body the nutrition it needs. 

Avoid showing up starving to events which serve food as this may initiate a binge. Eat satisfying meals throughout the day to ensure that you are eating according to your hunger and avoid overeating when presented with food. 

If your body permits, try some exercise! Don’t use the mentality of “burning off the food”.

Exercise solely for the purpose of making yourself feel good. 

It’s okay to say “no”!  You are not obligated to eat all of the foods and you should not feel guilty about it.  If someone offers you cookies at work you can allow yourself to use phrases such as “Thank you, this looks delicious! But I am actually feeling satisfied today”.

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