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The Work/Life Balance Struggle

Updated: Feb 10

Do you find yourself struggling with work/life balance? You're not alone.

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Here at NextGeneration Nutrition, we work with busy professionals daily. In fact, one of our clients was experiencing burnout due to daily commuting, working 40 hours+ a week, little sleep, and multiple social obligations. She didn't have any time for herself.

Does this sound like you?

The thing is, there are seasons of life where we are busier and we have to adapt! Small shifts are necessary at times to keep you on track with your goals. Health does not have to be all or nothing.

We had a really good conversation about meeting ourselves where we are at.

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Here are some of the examples of what we came up with:

  • Instead of pushing herself to do an intense 45 min workout when she is not well-rested and does not have the energy, she could go for a 30-minute walk for some low-intensity steady-state cardio.

  • Instead of drinking alcohol at every social event of the week (further contributing to stress and poor sleep), be intentional with alcohol intake and choose 1 to 2 events to drink at. For other events, choose mocktails or soda water with lime.

  • Instead of relying on convenience stores to have healthy snacks, take 1-2 hours per week to buy healthy snacks that she knows will keep her energized throughout her day.

Ask yourself, what would make your life easier and keep you on track with your health goals?

Remember: Frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh, walking around the block counts as movement, and saying no to a social/work event to rest is ok.

What matters most is consistency. As long as you keep moving forward, there is no way to fail.

Luciana Perasso, M.S, R.D.N  NextGeneration Nutrition Registered Dietitian

Written by: Luciana Perasso, M.S, R.D.N

NextGeneration Nutrition Registered Dietitian


Jessica Mantell M.S., C.N.S., L.D.N.

CEO & Founder of NextGeneration Nutrition

Jessica Mantell, CEO, M.S, LDN, Founder

NextGeneration Nutrition believes that better health should be accessible to everyone and that we all are able to improve our health through good nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle change. We do not support setting shame-based goals but encourages embracing our bodies, genetics, and personality. Our philosophy is abandoning the “One Size Fits All” mentality to create a personalized wellness plan based on your biological makeup and your lifestyle.

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