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Your Guide to Plant-Based Milk

Updated: Feb 17

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There are so many types of plant-based milk on the market today, it is hard to know which kind to buy! Plant-based milk can be a great option for those who are lactose intolerant. Even if you aren't, there are many benefits to drinking plant-based milk!

Avoid buying if the beverage:

- Contains natural flavors

- Contains sugars

- Contains too many emulsifiers, oils, and gums

- Contains carrageenan (a known gut toxin in many non-dairy products!!)


- Unsweetened or vanilla unless natural flavors

- Organic

- Doesn’t have too many oils, gums, emulsifiers


I am worried if I switch to dairy milk I won't get enough protein. Which types of plant-based milk contain the most protein?

Pea milk and soy milk contain the most amount of protein compared to other plant-based milk. For an 8oz serving, both pea and hemp milk contains 8g of protein which is the same amount of protein as dairy milk!

Is plant-based milk safe for toddlers?

Yes, absolutely! Specifically, pea and hemp milk are great for toddlers. Just be sure there are no natural flavors added.

I am currently on a keto diet. Which plant-based milk is "keto-approved"?

The best type of plant-based milk for keto diets are almond, pea, and hemp milk. Be sure they are unsweetened always! Oat milk for example is not keto-approved as one 8 oz serving contains 24g of carbohydrates

Is chocolate milk healthy for me even though it is plant-based?

Chocolate milk, even plant-based, contain a lot of sugar. It is best to avoid the consumption of added sugars to avoid insulin spikes and gut microbiome dysbiosis.

Which plant-based milk is best for cooking/baking?

Almond milk has the best texture (in my opinion) for cooking and baking!

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Nutrients Per 8oz

Almond milk – 1g protein, 1g carbohydrates

Coconut milk- 0g protein, 1g carbohydrates

Oat milk- 4g protein, 24g carbohydrates

Pea milk- 8g protein, 0g carbohydrates

Rice milk – 1g protein, 23g carbohydrates

Soy milk 7g protein, 4g carbohydrates

Non Harmful Ingredients

You may see these ingredients on your nut milk ingredient list. They are NOT harmful ingredients, however, we should not consume these in excess! Chose nut milk with as few fillers, preservatives, and emulsifiers as possible!

  • Xantham gum

  • Sunflower lecithin

  • Acacia gum

  • Calcium carbonate

  • Dicalcium phosphate

  • Dipotassium phosphate

  • Gellan gum

  • Locust bean gum

Harmful Ingredients

Avoid nut milk with these ingredients!

  • Natural flavors

  • Artificial flavors

  • Carrageenan

Here are a couple of my favorite brands of plant based milk:

  • Malk* (The BEST!)

  • Lava Plant Milk

  • 365 Whole Foods Unsweetened Almond Milk (WF's)

  • Pacific Hemp Milk

  • Ripple Pea Milk Unsweetened

  • Forager Organic Coconut Cashew Milk

  • Harmless Harvest Coconut Kefir

  • Forager Organic Dairy Free Probiotic Cashew Milk

  • Oatley

  • Kalifa Cashew Milk

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