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Nutrious diet

Personalized Nutrition Counseling in Miami

At NextGeneration, our nutrition counseling services are designed to help you achieve your goals by making purposeful change and sustaining it.

Our monthly membership subscriptions provide you with all your nutrition needs with Jessica Mantell, Certified Nutrition Specialist, who will keep you motivated and answer all of your questions along the way. 

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How it Works

Each of our membership packages follows the same steps for success. After you book a free 15-minute consultation, you can expect the program to take these steps:

 professional nutritionist casual meeting

In a 60-minute initial meeting with a  professional nutritionist, we'll review your health history, identify challenges, set goals, and outline your unique plan.

step 1

Nutrition schedule

You will be provided with a  comprehensive nutrition guide tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs, including a curated menu and suggested supplements.

step 2

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Ongoing weekly or monthly sessions with our nutritionists help you set new goals and adjust the nutrition plan as needed while providing support and education.

step 3

Memberships & Packages

Healty Food

Keep It Up 
Sustain your health journey seamlessly through our maintenance nutrition program, designed for long-term success with ongoing guidance and assistance.

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Become A Pro 
Our all-encompassing nutrition program includes cutting-edge gut health testing to provide personalized support for optimal digestive wellness and a transformative experience.

Personalized nutrition rich diet

Make It Happen
This holistic, supportive, and personalized program is tailored to your unique needs, guiding you on a transformative journey to optimal health and well-being.

Man doing Virtual meeting

1-Hour Personalized
Nutrition Session 
Invest in your well-being in a one-off session, where expert guidance meets your unique needs. Quickly elevate your health and start the path to lasting wellness!

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Keep it Up
Make it Happen
Become a Pro
1 hour counseling session
1x per Month
2x per Month
2x per Month
30 minute counseling session
1x per Month
1x per Month
2x per Month
24/7 Chat with dietician (fast response
Meal logging and review daily
Recommended supplement protocol
Progress tracking tools
Inbody scale measurements
Comprehensive wellness evaluation
Weekly progress check ins and goal setting
Mindful Eating Resources
Curated menu
Customized Exercise Recommendations
Personalized Restaurant Dining Guide
Diagnostic Testing
Testing review and interpretation
15% Discount on Health and Wellness Products
15% Discount on all a la carte testing

Grocery Store Tour  with a Registered Dietitian

Invest in your well-being and join our dietitian for a grocery store tour that goes beyond the shelves, providing you with the knowledge and tools to make nourishing choices effortlessly. Uncover the secrets to a healthier lifestyle, one grocery cart at a time!

grocery shopping

Grocery Store Tour

Our expert dietitian leads you on a transformative grocery store tour designed to demystify the world of nutrition and empower you to make informed choices.

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610 812 3543

Coral Gables

2222 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, FL


78 SW 7th Street Miami, FL

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