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Nutrition lab testing

Comprehensive Nutritional Testing in Miami, Fl

At NextGeneration Nutrition,  our advanced lab testing uncovers the root causes of health issues, providing a detailed understanding of your body's needs. This precision enables us to create personalized programs and tailored recommendations, ensuring a targeted approach.


We reject the one-size-fits-all model, preferring to craft interventions that align with your unique health profile. Through precise insights, we guide you toward optimal well-being, harmonizing your journey with what your body needs to thrive!

We offer many types of testing, some of which are included in our programs and membership packages. Most common tests include:

Microbiome Testing

Glucose intolerance

and insulin resistance


and minerals

Food Allergies & Food Sensitivities

Liver and

kidney health


Hormonal &

Thyroid Panel

Cortisol testing

B12 and


Tropical Leaves


610 812 3543

Coral Gables

2222 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, FL


78 SW 7th Street Miami, FL

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