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Personalized Nutrition Counseling 

1 on 1 in person or virtual counseling tailored to your needs


Comprehensive Lab Testing

Eliminate guessing with laboratory testing to better evaluate  your health status

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Nutrition Seminars & Group Sessions

Reach your wellness goals with support from a like minded  community and promote wellness in your workplace


Grocery Store Tours

 Go shopping with your nutritionist to simplify meal planning and understand how to interpret food labels 

Areas of Focus

Stomach Ache

Gastrointestinal Disorders

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Hormonal Imbalances & Fertility

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General Health and Wellness

Chronic and Inflammatory Diseases

Athlete Nutrition

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Weight Management


Memberships & Packages


Our monthly subscriptions provide you with all of your nutrition needs from Jessica Mantell, Certified Nutrition Specialist, who will keep you motivated and answer all of your questions along the way. 

All memberships require minimum monthly commitments.

Drinking Water After Weight Training
Keep it Up

Already have healthy habits? Choose this kit to continue your nutrition education and continue working towards your health goals.

2 Month Minimum

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Single Session

Valid for One Year

One 60 minute session to brush up or keep you on your path. 

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Make it Happen

Have an important date or health situation that needs focused attention? Make it Happen is meant to put you on track towards your goals when you need to make important adjustments to your diet.

2 Month Minimum

Grocery Store Tour

*One Time & In Person Only 

Learn to read labels and evaluate different products while getting new healthy meal and snack ideas. Answer all your questions along the way.

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Become a Pro

Get a quantitative approach to your health. This package includes comprehensive testing… and extra follow up to help you along the way. 

3 Month Minimum



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"Jessica is super amazing nutritionist! Highly recommended. Her favorite is rainbow in plate. Example attached. I lost 25lb."

Kunal P.

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